Future of Social Media

In the future social media is only going to become more popular. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin help not only individuals’ network with one another, but also help companies gain business. Most all careers are connected with social media and the internet to spread their message and allow easy access to consumers or individuals at home. Since 2006, the amount of people using the internet has more than doubled reaching 2.4 billion users worldwide, or 39% of the population (Dougherty, 2013). Of those internet users, 640 million are on Facebook as of 2011 (Kanalley, 2011).

As I picture my future career as a psychologist I can definitely picture myself using social media as a way of learning about what’s going on in other countries, as well as, to communicate with others in my field. I have always had a passion for technology and an interest in social media. As a psychologist I would want to know about why people find this method of communicating so stimulating. I can picture myself using social media throughout my career, also, because the world is becoming more focused around technology. Psychologists do a lot of writing and many journals are creating webpages on the internet allowing anyone to educate themselves on all kinds of content.

Linkedin is a website that I will still continue to use for business networking through my psychology career. Many professionals are using this site to meet others sharing the same interests and careers. Since I have joined in September 2013, I have connected with a few possible employers allowing me opportunities to communicate with others who can help me branch out and get started after college. Facebook is a great way to learn about companies and organizations that you are passionate about. Businesses can make web-pages through Facebook that allow any user to view that page and read about it. This is another social networking site that through my career I will be able to still learn from, and possibly create or upkeep pages for that current employer. With my knowledge and ability to grow up with social media in the palm of my hand, I have the knowledge to use these sites to my advantage. It is important as a psychologist to know about the current research that others are pursuing so with the use of social media I can access information from other psychologists all over the world.

“We will be using social media as a way to have conversations and build a community or tribe that share the same interests” (Knight, 2013). Once I find my niche in the future I will most definitely be keeping up with my social media allowing me to connect and join groups who share the same passions with me. One group @PsychToday on Twitter, is a psychology based magazine called Psychology Today that is always ‘tweeting’ links to articles written about studies that have been performed. There are many other psychology based twitter accounts that break down into particular categories such as social psych, child psych, or just other news accounts.

Social media will hold an important position in not only finding my future career in 5 or so years, but also with keeping up to date information pertaining to specific subjects of interest. As internet use continues to grow, most all jobs will find themselves using the internet, if they are not already on it. According to Kanalley, 71% of companies are using Facebook to spread their message. In the next 5 years, I anticipate that I will somehow be using social media in my job.


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